#SeasonTextLocationNational Champion
602022fallTheme: Beginnings (Selections from Gen 1-22) –
Genesis [CSB]
Milligan University, TNTo Be Determined
592022Theme: The Risen Savior (Matthew 13-28) –
Matthew [CSB]
Milligan University, TNKY-Bluegrass
582021fallTheme: The Great Teacher (Matthew 1-12) –
Matthew [CSB]
Kentucky Christian University, KYKY-Southeast
572021Theme: Letters from Paul –
Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, 1-2Timothy [CSB]
Milligan University, TNMN-Rochester-Bear Creek CC
562020Acts [CSB]Milligan University, TNMN-Rochester-Bear Creek CC
552019Theme: Heroes of the Old Testament –
Genesis, 1Samuel, 1-2Kings, Daniel, Esther [CSB]
Johnson University, Kissimmee, FLIN-Greenwood-Mt. Pleasant CC
542018James, Hebrews, Romans [CSB]Johnson University, Knoxville, TNMN-Rochester-Bear Creek CC
532017Theme: The Exodus: Journey to the Promised Land –
Exodus, Numbers, Deuteronomy [HCSB]
Kansas City, MO*IN-Greenwood-Mt. Pleasant CC
522016Luke [HCSB]Anaheim, CA*OH-Beavercreek-Beavercreek CC
512015Theme: Selected Writings of John & Peter –
John, Revelation (ch1-3), 1-2Peter [ESV]
Cincinnati*CO-Niwot-Rocky Mountain CC
502014Theme: Conquest & Judges –
Joshua (ex ch12-21), Judges (ex ch19-21), Ruth [ESV]
Indianapolis*VA-Glen Lyn-Glen Lyn CofC
492013Acts [ESV]Louisville*FL-Kissimmee-First CC
482012Matthew [NIV84]Orlando*TN-Franklin-Shanan Homeschool
472011Theme: Beginnings: Selections from –
Genesis [NIV84]
Cincinnati*OH-Loveland-Northstar Community Church
4620101-2Corinthians, 1-2Timothy, Titus [NIV84]DenverKY-Brooks-Covenant Chr Fellowship
452009Theme: Six Great Prophets –
1Kings (ch17-19), 2Kings (ch1-2,4-8:15), Isaiah (ch6,36-39,53), Jonah, Jeremiah (ch1,19-21,26,28,32,35-36), Daniel (ch1-6) [NIV84]
IndianapolisTX-Dallas-Valley View CC
442008Theme: The Writings of Peter & John –
John, 1-3John, 1-2Peter [NIV84]
AtlantaKY-Louisville-Southeast CC
432007Theme: From Samuel to David –
1Samuel, 2Samuel (ch1-6) [NIV84]
Kansas City*OH-Columbus-Worthington CC
422006Acts [NIV84]Louisville*KS-Kansas City-Stony Point CC
412005Luke [NIV84]ChicagoOH-Xenia-First CofC
402004Theme: Conquest & Judges –
Joshua (ex ch12-21), Judges, Ruth [NIV84]
CincinnatiOH-Zanesville-Wildwood CofC
392003Theme: The Powerful Gospel –
Mark, Romans, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Philemon [NIV84]
Indianapolis*IA-Des Moines-Rising Sun CofC
382002Theme: The Life of Moses –
Exodus (ex ch25-30/35-39), Numbers (ch9-14/16-17,20-22/25/27/31-32/36), Deuteronomy (ch34) [NIV84]
Columbus*MI-Cass City-Novesta CoC
372001Theme: The Writings of Peter & John –
John, 1-3John, 1-2Peter [NIV84]
Tampa*CO-Niwot-Rocky Mountain CC
362000Theme: The Ministry of Paul –
Acts (ch13-28), 1-2Corinthians, 1-2Thessalonians [NIV84]
Louisville*MI-Cass City-Novesta CoC
351999Genesis [NIV84]Denver*MI-Cass City-Novesta CoC
341998Luke, Acts (ch1-12) [NIV84]St. Louis*MI-Battle Creek-Central CC
3319971-2Samuel [NIV84]Kansas City*VA-Bluefield-Mudfork CofC
321996Romans, 1-2Timothy, Hebrews, James [NIV84]Dallas*MO-Joplin-College Heights CC
311995Exodus [NIV84]Indianapolis*KS-Kansas City-Stony Point CC
3019941-2Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians [NIV84]Orlando*FL-Orlando-Southeast CC
2919931-2Kings [NIV84]St. Louis*IN-Indianapolis-Kingsway CC
281992Matthew, John [NIV84]Anaheim*IN-Indianapolis-Traders Point CC
271991Joshua, Judges, Ruth [NIV84]Denver*IL-Creve Coeur-Creve Coeur CC
261990Daniel, 1-2Thessalonians, 1-2Peter, Jude, Revelation [NIV84]Kansas City*OK-Kansas-Cookson Hills C School
251989Genesis [NIV84]Louisville*KY-Louisville-Southeast CC
241988Acts, 1Corinthians [NIV84]Cincinnati*OH-Canton-First CC
231987Exodus [NIV84]Oklahoma City*CO-Englewood-Southeast CC
221986Matthew, John [KJV]Indianapolis*OH-Mason-Mason CofC
2119851-2Samuel [KJV]Anaheim*KY-Louisville-Southeast CC
201984Romans, 1-2Timothy, Hebrews, James [KJV]Atlanta*FL-Daytona Beach-Daytona CC
191983Joshua, Judges, Ruth [KJV]St. Louis*IN-Indianapolis-Kingsway CC
1819821-2Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians [KJV]Kansas City*KS-Kansas City-Stony Point CC
171981Genesis [KJV]Louisville*KS-Kansas City-Stony Point CC
161980Luke, Acts [KJV]Seattle*OH-Zanesville-North Terrace CofC
151979Exodus [KJV]St. Louis*IN-Indianapolis-Drexel Gardens CC
141978John, 1-3John, Revelation [KJV]Oklahoma City*OH-Minerva-First CC
1319771-2Kings [KJV]Cincinnati*KS-Dodge City-First CC
121976Romans, Galatians, Hebrews, James [KJV]Denver*IN-Indianapolis-Southport Heights CC
111975Joshua, Judges, Ruth [KJV]Detroit*KS-Dodge City-First CC
101974Acts [KJV]Anaheim*OH-Akron-Manchester CofC
91973Genesis (ex ch5/10/11:10-32/36) [KJV]Indianapolis*IN-Terre Haute-Maplewood CC
81972Matthew, John [KJV]Cincinnati*IL-Catlin-Catlin CofC
719711-2Samuel [KJV]Dallas*TN-Chattanooga-Hickory Valley CC
619701-2Corinthians, Galatians [KJV]St. Louis*TN-Chattanooga-Hickory Valley CC
51969Exodus [KJV]Detroit*IN-Medaryville-Medaryville CC
41968Luke [KJV]Cincinnati*TN-Chattanooga-Hickory Valley CC
31967Genesis [KJV]Tampa*KS-Dodge City-First CC
21966Acts (ch1-20) [KJV]Louisville*OH-Cincinnati-Highview CC
11965Mark, 1Corinthians (ch15) [KJV]Tulsa*OH-Centerburg-Milford CofC
*indicates years that National Bible Bowl met in conjunction with the North American Christian Convention
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