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  • Nov 08 Android App Modules Not Downloading
    If you are having trouble downloading purchased modules, try switching between wi-fi and data. An issue exists on Android where some connections are blocking access to our web servers. This is usually resolved by switching to wi-fi (or vice-versa). Please contact us at link below if you continue to have problems.
  • Jun 01 Question-Pro App (exporting questions to your device)
    The free Question Pro app is still available, OR you can access the questions within the Bible Quizzer app if you purchase the module for that Scripture text.
    Apple has informed us that the Question-Pro app is in violation of its app store policies. Therefore, in order to provide the functionality of exporting your Question-Pro questions to Apple users, we have moved the Question-Pro functionality into the Bible Quizzer app. You will have to purchase the module for your specific quiz year in order to send questions to your device. THIS WAS NOT OUR DECISION. We are sorry for the inconvenience that Apple's policies are causing our users.
  • Jun 01 Using Bible Quizzer modules on multiple devices
    Simply choose Restore Modules and your purchased modules will download to your device.
    If you are trying to use a purchased module on multiple devices ON THE SAME APPLE ACCOUNT and USING THE SAME APPLEID (email address), you must go through the entire purchase process, even up to the point where Apple asks you to confirm you are purchasing the module again. After you confirm, you will be told that you already purchased it and will be asked if you want to download it again for free, to which you again say YES. We know this process is backwards of how the process should work, but this process is handled entirely by Apple and we have no control over it. Once again, we are sorry for the inconvenience that Apple's policies are causing our users.
Support is currently available for: 2018-19 Apps.
Please email all support questions to: Support Questions