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  • Oct 18 Apple App Issues
    We have been having significant issues with Apple Computer regarding our Study-Pro apps. The problems with Apple have been ongoing and affect both the paid Study-Pro app and the free Question-Pro app. All apps were approved by Apple for sale in the iTunes App Store in March of this year. Then, over the summer, we were informed that none of the versions of Study-Pro qualify to be in the iTunes App Store because they were considered "spam" (see * below for more detail) and we were not going to be able to modify our current apps and a new one would have to be submitted in accordance with a list of changes from how the old app functioned. In addition, the Question-Pro app has been deemed to be in violation of Apple's app policy.

    Apple was made aware that the current users of the apps would be left without the ability to use the apps. This, along with the fact that the app was approved in its original form, did nothing to deter Apple from removing our ability to update and fix the app so that it remained functional.

    It has taken us 2 months of work to fulfill this mandate by Apple, but the new app has finally been approved for sale in the app store. The functionality of the Question-Pro app is now in the Bible Quizzer app and you must purchase a specific module in order to receive the Question-Pro features.


    You will need to download the new app called BIBLE QUIZZER from Bible Quiz Shop (search BIBLE QUIZ SHOP). It is a free app, but you must then purchase the specific module you need. You will have to contact Apple for a refund of the Study-Pro app that the Bible Quizzer app is replacing. It is important to note that we are NOT able to issue these refunds, much as we wish we could. Because the purchase was made through the iTunes store, all refunds must be done through Apple.

    We made Apple aware of the hardship this would place on our users, but this did not seem to concern them. Please be aware that we appealed the decision many times, taking our case as high as it could go to have the decision reversed, but were denied at every stage.

    We are sorry about the difficulty some of you have experienced. In the future, if you can choose between getting the Android version and the Apple version, we highly recommend getting the Android version. While nothing is ever guaranteed, behind the scenes they have been much better to work with than Apple and are much less likely deny our apps or shut them down mid-year.

    UPDATE: As of November 28, Apple has inexplicable approved, without comment, all of our Study-Pro apps that were previously refused. We do not know if they will continue to let us update the Study-Pro apps or not. We advise anyone who has not yet purchased the app to purchase our BIBLE QUIZZER app instead.

    *The long and short of the issue is that we had multiple apps on the iTunes store that used very similar internal logic to operate, even though the content was different. We patiently explained that while the internal workings of the app were similar, the content was different because it was for different groups. Apple told us this didn't matter, that we were spamming the iTunes store, and that we would not be able to update the app.
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