Results for: Block3 – Indiana (Greenwood) – Round Robin
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DivRankTeamWLPtsAvgTie WTie Pts
11IN-Mount Pleasant 1912,711271
2MN-Bear Creek 1822,840284
3IN-Mt Gilead 1732,710271
4IN-Clarksburg 2462,045204
5IN-Clarksburg 1281,610161
6IN-New Brunswick 10101,390139
21IN-New Brunswick 2822,511251
2OH-CRA 1732,575258
3IN-Mt Gilead 2642,3802381490
4IN-Clarksburg 3642,3502351455
5IN-Mt Gilead 5372,100210
6IN-Mt Gilead 30101,775178
31IN-Clarksburg 4912,475248
2IN-Clarksburg 5732,4802481490
3IN-Mt Gilead 4732,5052501475
4IN-Victory 1461,890189
5IN-Victory 2281,610161
6IN-Mount Pleasant 2191,550155
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